What’s in our Collections? Elmer Clark’s Saddle

In our history collections, we have a saddle that belonged to Elmer Clark. This saddle was made by Pete Verbeck. 

Born in 1900, Pete Verbeck began his apprenticeship with Al Moreno at Al Furstnow’s Saddlery.  In 1919 he went to work and Miles City saddlery and stayed until 1931.  In 1936 he returned to Furstnow’s, but left again to work at Miles City Saddlery, and later returned again to Furstnow’s.  In 1947, he opened his own shop, Pete’s Saddle Shop, and made saddles there until he died in 1976. 

Elmer (Clarkie) Clark was one of North Dakota’s earliest and best know bronc riders. Clarkie won the 1916 Elks rodeo in Dickinson, ND – billed as the world championship bronc riding contest. He was known as the “Marmarth Maniac” due to his excellent riding skills.