Adopt one for yourself or in honor of someone else! Jacket Sponsorships make great gifts!

The story of a fossil doesn’t end in the field. The fossil fun continues long after the dig season has ended! During digs, fossil discoveries are wrapped in plaster and burlap “jackets” to protect them during transport to the lab. Once they are in the lab, the jackets are carefully opened and prepared for research and display!

Sponsor a Jacket Today!

Proceeds from the Sponsor-a-Jacket program help cover fossil preparation time, lab supplies, and display costs.

All jacket sponsorships include a certificate of sponsorship, email updates on progress, and shout-outs on our social media! You can pick from small, medium, or large jackets. Or you can sponsor our Premium Jacket. This year it is a chain of Hadrosaur vertebrae found near Bowman, ND.