Site Tours

Paleontology Site Tours available to accompany the museum staff, this summer, when they collect fossil localities.

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The Pioneer Trails Regional Museum in Bowman, North Dakota is providing Paleontology Site Tours for interested individuals who would like to accompany the museum staff when they collect fossil localities. Participants will learn about the local geology, what fossils are present, and the procedures to properly collect them.  Visitors will be able to assist in the collecting as well as learning what takes place in the preparation lab upon returning to the museum.

Tour Itinerary

Total cost for the Site Tour will be $100 per person, under age 6 are free. Tours will be available Monday through Friday from June until August.


The tours will begin at 8:30 AM MDT by meeting at the museum. A short drive will then be necessary to the field site by your personally owned vehicle. The tour group will return to town at noon each day. After a noon break, participants will return to the museum in the afternoon to learn the preparation and curation processes. The Site Tour will end around 4:30 PM, unless other previous arrangements were made.


Pre-registration and payment will be required no less than 24 hours prior to the start of the tour. Please call the museum with questions or to schedule a tour at (701) 523-3600. Waivers of Liability will be required for all attendees.


Due to extreme drought conditions, as of July 26, 2021, site tours are postponed until the fire danger improves. Interested parties should still contact museum staff to hold a place and we will be in touch to schedule tours as soon as it is safe to be out at the sites. 

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