About Us

Leading research and display institution for the past and present history of the region.


We want to be a Historical Society that conserves historical artifacts and fossils, operates a regional museum, educates the public and preserves the history of the area through publishing, curatorship, research, and displays.


We want to be a leading research and display institution for the past and present history of the region, and to provide educational, cultural, and research opportunities to those schools, individuals, and organizations, within the region and elsewhere.

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Our philosophy is the identification, preservation, interpretation, and promotion of the region surrounding our Museum in southwestern North Dakota is socially, culturally, and economically valuable.  The lessons of history provide direction to the future and contribute to quality of life, scholarship, partnerships and collaborations, and a better understanding and appreciation of our society and its diverse cultures.


We want to promote a cooperative working relationship with area schools, colleges, universities, museums, and institutions, thereby establishing a better understanding of the region through education and research.  These partnerships provide a means whereby the Museum gains recognition for its programs on a local, State, regional, national and international level.